Global Military Gear AR-15/M4 Aluminum Quad Rail + Free Shipping - $21.89

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Two-piece drop-in rail system handguard for AR-15 carbines
Product Features:
Heavy duty
Lifetime warranty
Premium weapon accessories
All aluminum construction with annodized finish
Item model number: GM-QR1

Category: Gun Parts
Caliber: Handguards & Rails
UPC: 879015002053
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Great rail well worth the

Great rail well worth the money!!!! Well built and holds firm. I have had it on for a month and have put it on and took it off several times. For 9 bucks more I added a handle. In another post I asked why the hell would somebody drop close to 3 bills on a rail when this is a solid deal . As far as people saying they will blow up blah blah are full of it! Even if it were to fall off your gun which wouldn't happen unless you didn't tighten the screws you would know. I mean for fcksake they use wood and plastic for handrails I am sure this isn't any worse. I think people just piss away their money and feel like fools so they make crazy shit up. Buy with confidence it's a solid deal and I'm gonna pick up another one for my other AR

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Well said cmon I had it for 3

Well said cmon I had it for 3 f***in months and yes is worth it don't be a moron

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Don't waste your money on

Don't waste your money on these junks from China. I had one of their handguard and it was a piece of junk.
The barrel nut was made out of soft aluminum and was cracked during installation.

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I wonder what the difference

I wonder what the difference between this $310 Samson rail that I have on three of my GP AR's:

And this $25 GMG rail is?

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The difference is between

The difference is between this $25 GMC rail and the $310 Samson rail is a trip to the ER and a $3K-$5K hospital bill. The barrel nut on the $25 GMC rail is made out of cheap aluminum that have a high probability of cracking in half and cause your barrel to dislodge from the upper receiver and KABOOM!!!!!

Don't buy any cheap parts for your critical components on your AR (ex: barrel, BCG, upper receiver and handgards). You should know by now that Chinese products have poor quality control. Sure, I would buy a scope mount or sling mount made in China but not the critical components.

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You made an observation about

You made an observation about the barrel nut; it looks to me like this part just swaps out the hand guards. The Sampson system is much more ruggedly engineered for hard military use. If it did mate to the barrel nut, I can definitely see your concern with a softer aluminum, but this rail system isnt nearly that high speed. Good info and I appreciate you looking out for your fellow shooters!

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Yep, thats the same one I

Yep, thats the same one I have on my Adams Arms middy GP upper. Guess we got screwed lol.

But seriously, PLEASE save your money on this and get an MOE handguard for the same price with whatever rail sections you think you need. Or for that matter just get a rail or two that bolts to your GI hand guard. You'll thank me I promise.

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