IFG Tanfoglio Bullseye 40SW - $884 shipped (Free S/H on Firearms)

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If price is higher, try submitting a price match request if available - Tanfoglio Bullseye 40SW.

Category: Handguns
Caliber: 40 S&W
UPC: 191007101453
MPN: 500011
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The picture looks to be of a

The picture looks to be of a limited custom. If you go to the IFG website they don't show a model like this one in the picture and the UPC cant be found anywhere on the site ether. Looks to be a wrong UPC and wrong picture. I guess I will find out in a few weeks when mine gets here.

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I just really hope that I

I just really hope that I dont end up getting this one


But the UPC is not the same.

I called Buds and they told me that they couldn't tell me what the gun is because they cant open the box and they just show the (stock picture). So it will just be a surprise.

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First off this hole add is

First off this hole add is completely wrong. I have spent over two weeks researching just because Buds cant seem to advertise what they are selling. I contacted the IFG distributor and they cant even figure out what Buds is trying to sell. Come to find out the gun in the picture is of a limited Custom GK from EAA. Not even a gun distributed by IFG. The IFG Bullseye is a 6 inch barrel all chrome no magwell wood grips. So other than the UPC being WRONG the picture being WRONG the brand being WRONG and no description what so ever. Other than that everything is fine until it comes time to get my new gun.

Buds some how screwed up on the ship to name being completely different than the bill to name so I am unable to get my new gun. I think is completely against the law by the way. I don’t know I will just wait and see what the ATF has to say about the matter. But it gets even worse when I call to get the issue fixed then they tell me that I cant have my gun and it will need to be shipped back with only a 10% restocking fee and a 25 dollar handling fee (115 dollars of fees). And they would be more that happy to sell me my gun all over again. Like I would ever order anything from buds ever again. I will make sure this same write up gets posted on many different forums to warn people of the kind of business Bud runs.

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I sure hope you get the one

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