KCI GLOCK 9mm 33 Round Magazine | HG Hunting and Tactical - $19.99

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High quality 33 round 9mm magazine works in all Glock 9mm caliber models. Manufactured by KCI.

AK 47 mags 16.99
30 rd AR15 mags 13.99
Brownells 30rd Ar15 mags 14.99
KCI Glock 17rd mags 13.99
KCI 100 rd drums 139.99

Category: Gun Parts
Caliber: Magazines
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we have these in stock for a

we have these in stock for a bit more but we have them in stock and are very reputable! http://www.cobratacsystems.com/collections/magazines/products/kci-glock-...

here is an extra 5% off total order! < BHOT95N1VWVN >

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Actually, I finally got a

Actually, I finally got a refund. No product...but at least a refund. Too bad I had to threaten to contact my bank and file complaints to get it. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! I'm not sure they actually ever had the mags in stock!

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been saying that for

been saying that for weeks....stay away

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just to let everyone know,

just to let everyone know, this company is a complete fraud. My credit card company has confirmed that this company is a fraud and have no intention of mailing anything to anyone. They're so dumb selling 19.99 magazines if they were smart they would have sold $60 lowers and made a ton more money. HG hunting and tactical can eat a dick!

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Ordered 3 weeks ago. No

Ordered 3 weeks ago. No contact unless you email them...then its.......'a couple days", "next Wednesday", running a few days behind"," we have your order pulled and will ship on Wednesday".....enough already VERY VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! I LEARNED MY LESSON....buyer beware

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Got mine today ordered about

Got mine today ordered about 2 weeks ago. Came priority mail.It is what they say it is. Kci gclock mags I got both the 9mm 33rd and the .40 31rd ones.

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You are so full of shit. You

You are so full of shit. You are probably that bitch on the answer machine.

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Holly Urban, you're related

Holly Urban, you're related to the owner, and this is nothing more than a scam

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sorry buy im not related to

sorry buy im not related to the owner. maybe you have more than enough time on your hands. i also emailed their customer service to notify them of the slander against them. quite frankly i hope they do sue you in my opinion.

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lol they'll never respond to

lol they'll never respond to your email. I'd love to see them try and sue me.

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which email are you refering

which email are you refering to? feel free to personally email at tom@hghuntingandtactical.com. all emails are responded to in less than 24 hours. please check your spam

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lmfao....sue for

lmfao....sue for slander....lol....i agree, this seems highly suspicious and I will not purchase from them.

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we are not a scam we have

we are not a scam we have been doing gun shows for years selling ammo and magazines. our credit card processor will not let us do online ammo so we are doing magazines only. We had decided to go to an online site format to be able to be at home more often and not be on the road 40 weekends a year. if you have any problems with an order feel free to email me at tom@hghuntingandtactical.com. our email response time is around 24 hours due to the number of orders we are receiving from the Connecticut law and people rushing to buy mags. we also have a live chat feature on our website if you need an instant answer during business hours.

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stick to gun shows....

stick to gun shows....

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