Kershaw Burst Speedsafe Knife - $17.65 + Free Shipping* + $10 off $50

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The aggressive, spiked look of the Kershaw Burst (#1970) is sure to draw the eye and plenty of positive comment. You’ll appreciate its SpeedSafe® assisted opening, which is easily accessed with a convenient flipper. Oh yes; and do notice that flipper. We’ve directed the blade grind all the way down the flipper for a sweeping line. The handle is injection-molded, glass-filled nylon; a stout locking liner secures the blade during use. The Burst also includes a reversible pocketclip. Since the company's founding in 1974, Kershaw Knives has been dedicated to quality.
Product Features
Steel: 8Cr13MoV, Stonewashed finish
Handle: Glass-filled nylon scales
Blade Length: 3 inches; Closed Length: 4 1/8 inches
Tip up or tip down pocket clip
Speed safe and flipper opening systems; Liner lock locking system

Item model number: 1970

Category: Knives
MPN: 1970
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I have a few Kershaw's --

I have a few Kershaw's -- Onion, and 6 of these $20 "Speedsafe" versions. They're nice little knives, and you do get a very decent knife for relative little money. I also have a few SOGs (SPEs, etc), and I know the SOG fanboys are all ga-ga about SOG, but they just OK -- nothing special. Same with Gerber -- all three play in the same sandbox, i.e. cheap-to-moderate cost knives that all function well and have adequate quality. Brands like Zero Tolerance and a handful of others are light years ahead of them, but you pay dearly for that privilege. Most posers love SOG and think it doesn't get any better. You can spot them immediately.

The plain truth is, a $20 knife like these Kershaw's will suit you just as well as a $300 ZT for the overwhelming majority of users. I bought six so I could carry one at all times and not worry about losing or damaging it, as I don't mind losing $20 -- but I do mind losing $300 (and it has happened). I can also keep one in each vehicle and in my wife's purse. I'm so used to carrying a knife that I have gone through TSA screening with one on me, forgetting all about having it, at least four times that I can recall.

That kinda sucks.

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These are great everyday

These are great everyday carry knives. Chinese or not they are built well, hold an edge well, and the clip is reversible, black, and positions the knife deep in your pocket so very little sticks out. Overall size is very compact for the size of blade you get to work with, plenty light for slacks and you'll barely notice it in jeans.

Would be a near perfect inexpensive carry knife if Kershaw would thin the handles down a bit and round the edges off. As-is it's a little chunky in the pocket.

Might not look as tactical as some inexpensive knives but the form and function is excellent for the money.

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Should be a great knife! I

Should be a great knife!
I just bought the Kershaw Volt ll and the Chill a few weeks ago and love them both.
I was very impressed with the Volt which is very similar to the Burst.
I'm sure the Burst is just as nice.
The Chill is much lighter and more compact without the beef of the Burst or Volt and has found a special place in my boot.
These are quality knives at great prices.

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Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

I prefer SOG knives as I

I prefer SOG knives as I leave the Chinese steel to the Chinese.

If you're carrying in your boot, then you're carrying for defense.

Try a SOG Trident with the tanto blade. Tantos are designed for piercing so it'll make quick work of those pesky leather jackets worn by rival biker meth dealers.

It's time to take back your territory.

With its lung piercing length and lightning fast deployment he won't know what stuck him. With the triple threat technique (Throat, Lung, Kidney) You'll have that scum bag at your boots suffocating on his own hemorrhage faster than you can say Harley Fuckin' Davidson.

The SOG's AUS8 stainless blade holds a fierce edge and cleans up quick. Now empty his pockets, carve a souvenir off his face, steal his old lady and get back to the club house cause it's time to snort some glass and tap some ass...LET'S RIDE!

Show em who's Boss. SOG!

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Didn't I see your photo on a

Didn't I see your photo on a wall at my local post office?

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Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

LOL Definitely not! Just the

LOL Definitely not!

Just the kind of ad I'd like to see on television.

Enuff with the magic pill and feminine wash advertisements, bring on the man ads!

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What? You dont like the

What? You dont like the Miller64 sing-alongs? Lol, nice SOG adv!,

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