LWRC M6A2 Black 10.5" SBR 30+1 M6A2R5B10S - $2099.99 (Free S/H on Firearms)

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The M6A2 rifle is a standard carbine available in various barrel lengths and in either 5.56mm NATO or 6.8mm SPC. The M6A2 rifle is ideal for those who utilize optical sights as it employs a low-profile gas block. There is no A-frame front sight to obscure the field of view of the optical device. The M6A2 rifle also features a longer midlength free float rail system with a removable return-to-zero top. Any M4 MIL Std 1913 accessory can be mounted to the rail, and because the rail has a monolithic profile, you can bridge devices from the receiver to the rail seamlessly. The longer rail also affords more 1913 real estate to mount your accessories.
The M6A2 rifle can be used in various roles. With the 10.5 inch barrel, it is ideal for close quarters battle or fighting in built up areas. The 14.7 inch barrel M6A2 rifle is an excellent general purpose carbine capable of effective fire out to 600 meters. And with the 16.1 inch barrel, the M6A2 rifle can be used as a Squad Dedicated Marksman Rifle.
The M6A2 rifle's edge in capability, reliability, accuracy and long service life is the result of advanced technology materials and manufacturing processes, combined with progressive patented designs. All LWRCI carbine systems feature our short-stroke gas-piston operating system. The operating system is lightweight, self-regulating, and self-scraping. This system of operation does not foul the moving parts of the weapon with carbon or heat which greatly enhances service life and reliability while decreasing both user and armorer maintenance. All M6A2 rifles feature a match grade, cold rotary hammer forged barrel with a target crown. The barrel is treated with NiCorr surface conversion technology that extends service life, enhances accuracy, and increases the effective range of the weapon. The action of the M6A2 rifle is coated in our proprietary nickel coating that provides a hard permanent lubrication to the moving parts.
The M6A2 rifle defines itself as the most modern and incrementally evolved carbine in the world. At the same time it also presents the best value. Service life is extended to four times that of a legacy M4, accuracy is 100 percent better, and our M6 rifles are many times more reliable than the legacy gas-impingement design.

Caliber: 5.56
Barrel: 10.5"
Twist: 1:7
Collapsible Buttstock
Quad Rail System

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 223/5.56
Brand: LWRC International
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Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

"Service life is extended to

"Service life is extended to four times that of a legacy M4, accuracy is 100 percent better, and our M6 rifles are many times more reliable than the legacy gas-impingement design"


I own their SPR. It was my first AR and a total waste of money. Failed on round 7 out of the box. It is super pretty to look at, gets all the "oohs and ahhs" on the bench but I wouldn't buy another in a millon years. You could say it's over engineered. Yeah it's got sharp machining, the BCG is a nickel boron coated work of art with integral gas key milled from the carrier stock itself, but none of it really functions any better, certainly not more reliable, and DEFINITELY NOT 100% more accurate. What a load of horseshit. That one takes the cake. The barrel is supposed to last like 30k rounds but really, who's gonna run $12k worth of ammo through their gun. So what if a barrel wears out. You could buy 12 Anderson barrels for what HALF this rifle costs. It's a suckers buy these guns, a suckers buy... Instead of being the guy that lies on forums and pretends how superior his $2400 rifle is to one that costs $1000, I'll tell you the truth. Save your money. It is what it is. I'll build mine from here on out.

During the panic some spooge paid $5300 for an identical rifle on gunjoker. Mines for sale next panic. PM me next school shooting to be that guy that takes it home. I'll take $4500, Its 100% more reliable, accurate and shoots evil seeking bullets. For $5500 I'l include a Navy Seal Anchor engraving that increases your lung capacity 1000%. An absolute must for those deep sea tactical operations. Remember, the lives of your team and freedom of America depend on it. Support the troops. Veteran owned and operator operated.

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"accuracy is 100 percent

"accuracy is 100 percent better" Well then I just HAVE to buy it

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