Magpul PMAG 30RD with Window - Black, Flat Dark Earth, Foliage or OD Green - $12.70

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California legal  

Coupon "facebook" for $5 off $100 (one use per customer) - Magpul Industries Mag PMAG 223 Rem 556NATO 30Rd Black w/ Window AR Rifles MAG210-BLK
Magpul Industries Mag PMAG 223 Rem 556NATO 30Rd Dark Earth w/ Window AR Rifles MAG210-FDE
Magpul Industries Mag PMAG 223 Rem 556NATO 30Rd Foliage Green w/ Window AR Rifles MAG210-FOL
Magpul Industries Mag PMAG 223 Rem 556NATO 30Rd OD Green w/ Window AR Rifles MAG210-OD

Category: Gun Parts
Caliber: Magazines
UPC: 873750001708
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The offer of this thing is

The offer of this thing is good but .What is the advantage of this thing?I'm just confuse right now we all know only a few people are allowed use this thing if I'm not mistaken its a deadly weapon.I guess this thing should place in a proper place don't let the kids see this for their own safety taking about our safety and best offer that you want to have when it comes to car.You can get an new car and sell your old car.

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incorrect in their legality.

incorrect in their legality. These can be converted and hold only 10 round or less. You are not breaking any laws if purchased as a disassembled kit from there you can get limiters (such as ) and you would be ok. There is also fear of violation for some (myself included) on the permanence per law so I also put a rivet on the floor plate. Now in all technicality if you were to put one together and not limiting it you would be in violation. Black helos would be circling your house.

CA penal code 12020
(25) as used in this section, "large-capacity magazine" means any ammunition feeding device with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds, but shall not be construed to include any of the following:(A) A feeding device that has been permanently altered so that it cannot accommodate more than 10 rounds.

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While valid I have found it

While valid I have found it easier to buy the correct magazines right away and save the hassel or trouble. So if you want a 30 round look with 10 round capacity I purchase:
1 - TAPCO Gen2 AR-15 .223 Black Polymer Pinned 10rd. Magazine for $15.95. incase you are interested.

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I see that you can ship to CA

I see that you can ship to CA as long as you make the firearms CA Compliant; however, my question to you is, can i buy and you ship me a 30 round mag, or can you only sell 10-round mag to customers in CA? I checked everywhere and cannot confirm if its legal to own a 30 round mag. Obviously, I wouldnt take it to the range, but would LOVE to have a few 30's for if and when the shit hits the fan. Thank you.

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dude, you should learn a

dude, you should learn a thing or two before you start buying stuff that can get you in trouble, especially if you live in CA. Hi-Cap mags are illegal unless you obtained them before 2000. This seller disassembles mags for CA residents and sends them as rebuild kits for repairing your old magazines. If you put one of these together, you are violating state laws and you can get in lots of trouble.

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Thanks for the heads up. I

Thanks for the heads up. I didn't order yet, cause I wasn't sure if it was legal. I am new to gun ownership, amd won't be buying these.

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do theses guys ship to

do theses guys ship to California as rebuild kits?

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Yes, we do. It may delay your

Yes, we do. It may delay your order by a day though.

We gladly help out our customers that live in states with restrictive gun laws. We can special order California compliant handguns or rifles (or convert them in some cases). Also for those that live in a state where fired shell casings are required (like Maryland) we will happily provide you a fired shell casing for firearms that do not come with them at no additional charge. Any excuse to fire a gun and I'll happily do it. We are a firearm manufacturer so we can do this for you.

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Site lists PMAG SALE as: "Due

Site lists PMAG SALE as:

"Due to overwhelming demand orders may be delayed 1-2 business days if your order contains PMAGs listed as ***Special Order*** We will expedite shipping upon arrival"

and inventory shows as:
-21 Units in Stock
58926 Units Available from Distributor A
0 Units Available from Distributor B
0 Units Available from Distributor C

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We had a few hundred in stock

We had a few hundred in stock between the various types when we started the sale and they all sold in about an hour. We ordered in a bit over 1,000 to arrive today before the cutoff time and those ended up selling out this morning so we won't have more until Monday. Where financially feasible (since they are marked down so low) we are upgrading orders to priority mail to get them to you guys as fast or sometimes faster than if we shipped them normally.

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Most dealers rarely get their

Most dealers rarely get their hands on the merchandise they sell, it is packed and shipped by their distributors directly to your door or to your FFL.

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