Norma USA TAC-22 Ammo .22 LR 40 Grain LRN 500 rounds - $54.99

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Price: $54.99
Price per round: $0.110

Online Only, Do Not Call, one coupon per order - Coupon "17WINTER" for 10% OFF + Free S/H over $49 on Select Winter Clothing, Hunting Clothing, Footwear and Accessories - Set your sights on precision ammunition with Norma-USA's TAC-22 Rimfire. High quality 40-gr. bullets with round-nose lead deliver unmatched accuracy on and off the range.
Item number#: IK-218812
.22 LR 40 Grain LRN 500

In an effort to provide fair access to rimfire ammunition, this product has a quantity limit of 5 per order, per customer, per day. Orders exceeding the quantity limit will be canceled.

Amount: 500
Category: Ammo
Caliber: 22 LR
Brand: Norma
UPC: 000294161292
MPN: 2318716
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Not a deal AT ALL. You can

Not a deal AT ALL. You can get CCI CPHP for less than this! Who keeps posting NON deals?!?!?

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Midsouth Shooters has this

Midsouth Shooters has this for $49.99 per brick.

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Thumbs down from me because

Thumbs down from me because this ammo should be $55 or less per brick (500 rounds).

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Back in stock. I won't rag on

Back in stock. I won't rag on Aim4PigsnJigs, because I get his frustration... this level/price ammo might cycle back in stock 4-5 times before we see any bulk listed. Most of us own some version of 22lr hi-cap rifle (mine being a GSG5), and it was bought to be a fun toy to shoot cheaply. Current ammo levels mean most of us get to shoot our toy cheaply about once a season.

Again, I understand Norma makes good ammo. I also understand the European makers are ramping up their production/imports, so we're getting a lot more RUAG, Fiocchi and S&B products in (seems to come back in stock monthly).

We'd all like to see CCI, Remington and Winchester do the same with the bulk packs. If they'd come back in stock enough that we could buy 1 bulk box a month, everyone would be a lot happier.

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there is a link under this

there is a link under this post for the same ammo $4.95 -50 round box= $49.50 = $10.00 cheaper .from bullets .com you could get 30- 50 round boxes that's three bricks and save $30.00 if you like this ammo .

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Yes I do like this ammo

Yes I do like this ammo shoots every bit as good if not better than CCI green tag and better than 15 types of bulk I have tried including one of my favorites CCI standard velocity was able to get less than one inch at 100 yds and less than 1/2 inch at 50 out of Ruger American and Ruger Target 10-22 but that's only about 10% of my total groups shot (just learning bench shooting and am quickly addicted) point is this ammo will do it hooray after many tries with bulk and not having these results The reason for my post is to warn you about after reading 4negative reviews here decided to call and order some of this the nice lady informed me that they had thousands of rounds of this and a 30 box limit 5 min. After I hung up she called and said my address didn't match my card and she had to run a 1$ charge thru to match my address exactly same as pnegative reviews but they also said they haven't recieved ammo after 2 or 3weeks so I canceled my order waiting for better reviews hope this helps

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ok thank you .i would have

ok thank you .i would have done the same .i want to buy from a good place Cabelas , Gander Mountain. Midway usa .i have gotten orders from them .also MidSouth Shooting supply has these for $5.40 50 round box . i don't shoot in a match, just for fun so i buy the Remington, Federal ,CCI but look for deals and just wanted to pass this on to the other guy .but after looking at reviews i see why. the $1.00 charge is like a authorization just to see if you have a active card .sometimes i ship to a different address but i have a billing address that is the same as the card.and two address listed on the shipping part. they probably were taking back orders on this ammo..but al ways check your credit card it should have a pending charge [ authorization] then when it ships the charge should be added to your card balance. if it is added to your balance before the item ships then i would call your card company right away this is for all transactions

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This is horrible ammo. It's

This is horrible ammo. It's greasy, it's expensive and it's not tactical at all. It's not even copper plated, they're so cheap! PigsandKids - the airsoft crew - they got it right. Nobody should ever buy this. Nobody actually ever shoots single hole groups anyway. I know because me and my buddies braced ourselves against the wall of our playpen and took careful aim with our Mossberg 715Ts... nope, not even close. (And we are able to hit a tin can at 25 yards 7 out of 10 shots, so we're pretty good shooters.) But then Mom came home and caught us. Now we're grounded and can't even shoot our airsoft guns for a whole month! I hate this ammo, I hate people who buy it and I hate Mom.


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It is a shame that your

It is a shame that your target audience doesn't understand the definition of the word satire.

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You really are a self

You really are a self centered fool that doesn't understand the way the world works.
That 400 buck trigger isn't meant to be dropped in any old beater ar15. That 400 trigger is a tool. Same as a hammer, wrench or tape measure. It doesn't go in a red toolbox for a carpenter. That tool, that 400 buck trigger was made for competiton shooters. People that earn an income from the performance of their rifle. People pay a premium for performance. It doesn't matter what product or industry. Shame you can't wrap your head around it.
Just because you can't gain any additonal benifit from increased performance doesn't mean a 3 gunner/ competition shooter or someone with a higher standard of price vs performance can't.

It speaks volumes about you as a person that you resent how people spend their money and that other people might have standards and performance requirements that are different than your own.

Reading is fundamental.
Here is a crash course since your a dumbass.

There are multiple types of ammo bulk, target and match. Each type of ammunition offers a varying level of performance at a different price. Your a cheap bastard and have a very low threshold on price vs performance.
I'm not a cheap bastard and for my target rifle i have a different threshold on what is acceptable on price vs performance.

If your happy walking around and getting quarter size groups with bulk pack ammo more power to you. This ammo isn't for you. This ammo is for someone that has more demanding accuracy requirements than you. People pay for performance and for 6 bucks a box this stuff delivers excellent performance.

If you even had the slightest bit of reading comprehension you would remember i said this is a waste in an ar22 platform but awesome in a target rifle.

Your a dumbass and a shitstain on our republic so i'll try and put it in an analogy you might understand. The difference between bulk pack and the norma is like the difference between m855 and Bh Mk262 Mod 1

Before you insult my patriotism i'd like to tell you where i learned so much about the ar15 rifle. 6 years in the army with tours in iraq, afganistan and bosnia. I carried the m4 in places that would make you shit yourself. So yeah i have a pretty good idea of how that rifle works.

I'll take that title of asshole. I'd rather be an asshole than be like you. A self centered fool that doesn't understand basic economics or how the world works.
I can learn to be nice to people but you, you will allways be a bitter resentful fool that's angry because people spend their money in ways you don't approve of.

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It's not bad stuff. It's a

It's not bad stuff. It's a little better than bulk ammo. I tried it in several rifles from single shots to autos. It does not compare favorably to Wolf target stuff though. It is subsonic and doesn't make much noise, if that is a consideration. Through a can, about 100 feet away the sound is zilch.

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Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

Funny how the majority of up

Funny how the majority of up votes are all anonymous, especially on a new post. Wasn't that function disabled for regular users like a year ago? Gee, without all the anon votes, the ratio would be about as brutal as it was on the original post this one replaced. Guess it's easier than drumming up more fake accounts with the names of your favorite characters from Family Guy..Then again, if I was shilling shat deals like this, I'd want to remain anonymous too. Keep at it guys, great work.

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I'm not a shill. This costs a

I'm not a shill. This costs a lot more than bulk ammo, but then, it isn't meant to be used the same. If you want to blow 500 rds through an AR-type rifle just to have fun, you can use less expensive ammo.
I initially didn't know the difference either, but I got some due to the scarcity, and I really noticed the difference when I shot it through my old Hi-Standard Sport King. My group size shrunk way down and my flyers all but disappeared (some still happened, but that was due to me!). I've had no FTF with it, in any of my 22's.
This is stuff us plinkers never used to look for before the ammo crunch; target-grade ammo that's accurate as hell. More expensive, but well worth it... if you're trying to consistently hit a dime-sized target. If you just want to empty a magazine as fast as possible, then no, this isn't the best choice.

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Your trying to educate a

Your trying to educate a willfully ignorant fool on the difference between bulk, target and match ammo. You would have better luck trying to get a liberal to use logic.

This is an ok deal. Midsouthshooters had a better deal on this stuff. I ordered 600 rounds of it yesterday for 63 bucks delivered.
It excels in my 22lr target rifle, in my ar22 it is marginally more accurate than cci mini mags.

Putting this in an ar22 is a waste, putting this in a 22lr target rifle is awesome.

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Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

I'm well aware of the

I'm well aware of the difference and the difference is miniscule. Like $400 trigger groups and $200 buttstocks, the real ignorance lies in those who justify the expense of them. Shame those who shill and maintain such deception and manipulation. What, you think you're helping the gun community by telling them it's okay to spend $60 a brick? CecilSharts, you're an asshole. Before you go calling people ignorant fools, you might want to get a grip on your sub par, grade school grammar. I know you think you're gods gift to the AR community and all things gun knowledge, but I know you're just another spineless pseudo American. Like this deal, your opinion doesn't even come close to registering on my value meter. Scurry on maggot.

0 votes
1 vote
Aim4PigsnJigs's picture

I hear ya. I guess for me,

I hear ya. I guess for me, hitting dime size targets at 50yards with .22lr isn't worth $60 to do it 500 times. The expense to accomplishment ratio (value) just isn't there for me. Id rather hit nickels at 50 yards for $23 per 550 like it used to be and not feel like a lamb led to slaughter. If a Prius gets 50mpg who in their right mind would pay twice as much for one that gets 55mpg and still consider it a deal? My point is that even if it shot pencil eraser size holes at 50, it still wouldn't be worth it to me. It's .22 and supposed to be cheap and fun to shoot. Keep justifying .12cpr and next year you'll be paying .24cpr. That's why we're where we are now... People lack the discipline to say enough and stop buying.

1 vote
1 vote

Take your nickle sized group

Take your nickle sized group bulk ammo to a competition. If you're man enough to wade through the laughter and sit down to shoot, you'll find yourself dead last.

0 votes
0 votes has it cheaper as has it cheaper as well as cheaper shipping. I shoot this in my Kimber 82G and Anschutz match eifles as practice ammo and it does shoot as well as SK std or Eley. It is manufactured in Germany by Ruag and will outshoot almost all regular grade ammo and some match grade ammo on a consistent basis,try some you will like it,

1 vote
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Thanks for the other link!

Thanks for the other link!

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They put the name tac I

They put the name tac I assume that short for tactical and the price goes up to $60. Keep it. It's probably Blazer ammo repackaged.

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3 votes

Your assumption is wrong.

Your assumption is wrong. This is a much better grade of ammo than your standard bulk pack found at Walmart, and the price has always been up there a bit.
It's made for actual target shooting matches, and is not intended to be loaded into 25 rd magazines and sprayed out of a "tactical" rifle.

Please don't post negative misinformation simply because it costs more than bulk Remington.

3 votes
1 vote

Read the reviews at Cabelas

Read the reviews at Cabelas before you buy this stuff, sounds like junk. Not to mention overpriced. No thanks

2 votes
2 votes

Look for 22plinksters review

Look for 22plinksters review of this ammo. It looks like this is a very accurate for being priced in the lower end of target/match ammo. I looks like most of the negative cabelas reviews come from people not understanding that much higher end .22 ammo is lubed.

4 votes
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Not surprised see that

Not surprised see that Cabela's is still gouging their customers...

4 votes
4 votes

Man! We used to get .38

Man! We used to get .38 special for about .05 more back in the day. It's not even plated. I'm glad I have a ton of 22 from when it was the price that it should be. And although I don't mess with the round much anymore I'm sure my kids will appreciate the fact old dad put a stash aside. People used to laugh at me for "stacking deep". Lol!

4 votes
1 vote

This is not your regulr bulk

This is not your regulr bulk's very good ammo for 11 cent per rnd, and this was a good price for a bulk pack. Good ammo to put back for rough time ahead.

3 votes
3 votes

Again.. not supposed to post

Again.. not supposed to post bulk plinking/non match grade 22 ammo for more than $.10/rd on this site anymore. Reporting as expired.

2 votes
6 votes

This is Norma Target ammo,

This is Norma Target ammo, not regular bulk.

3 votes
0 votes

I have never shot this ammo

I have never shot this ammo myself but have read a couple positive reviews. It is listed as "high performance target" so I do not believe it is appropriate to report it as over the 10c ceiling for bulk plinking ammo.

5 votes
2 votes

Says 500 but site will only

Says 500 but site will only let you buy 50.

2 votes
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glockdude4evermn's picture

Scroll down to the bottom of

Scroll down to the bottom of the linked page. Cabela's will let you buy 500 rounds. There are two pictures on the Cabela's website, one showing 50 and one showing 500, but they're selling 500. They always seem to screw up on their pictures.

At 500 rounds for $60 it's not a good deal. I for one am gonna pass.

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