PMC High-Velocity Buckshot - $3.29 + Free in-store Pickup ($5 S/H over $99 w/code "27SHIP")

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Price: $3.29
Price per round: $0.658

Online Only, Do Not Call, one coupon per order - Coupon "27SHIP" for $5 S/H over $99 (Excludes Firearms) or Coupon "17SPRING" for $20 off $150 (works on firearms) - This high-velocity buckshot delivers serious knockdown power for hunting and home defense. These shells offer dense patterns and multiple pellets on target, even in heavy brush and cover, outperforming single projectiles that can deflect. 12-gauge only. Per 5.
Item: IK-217523

Amount: 5
Category: Ammo
Caliber: 12 GA
Brand: PMC Ammunition
UPC: 741569141130
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Cabela's offers free in-store pickup on most items.

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$3.99 Clothing FILLER

$4.88 Clothing Filler

Coupon Code: 17GEAR
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Coupon Code: 17SPRING
$20 off $150 (works on firearms)
Expiration date: 2017-03-08 23:59:59
Coupon Code: 27SHIP
$5 S/H over $99 (Excludes Firearms)
Expiration date: 2017-02-22 23:59:59


Picked up 5 packs of these

Picked up 5 packs of these when Cabelas had them for $2.88 a pack about a month ago. Shot a pack, and these are great. Would definitely buy again.

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Reliable in my experience.

Reliable in my experience.

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I've never bought buckshot

I've never bought buckshot before...anyone have an opinion on the quality of this ammo?

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3 votes

I too am in the market for

I too am in the market for good home defense ammo for the first time. Personally I picked up a few of these, a few of the winchester military grade buckshots and some of that herters multi defense .65ball followed by 6x00 pellets, so that I can compare the three. Will try to remember to come back and share. Wish they would approve me for the club visa but until then $9 shipping. so not the greatest deal but when you need it, you need it... I just finished an old 870 wingmaster build. Magpul fde stock/forend, Sage +2 extension, mesa scope mount/8 shot holder. Was an old 70's beater that was left to me when a friend died. Used the baked duplicolor paint job method to redo it all in flat black and was really surprised by the durability.

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those less than lethal bean

those less than lethal bean bag rounds are kind of a cool option to consider for home defense also. You could have a couple bean bag rounds first and then maybe a 00 buckshot in your magazine tube after in case you need it (likely not).

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1 and 1/4oz bird shot would

1 and 1/4oz bird shot would be sufficient in any shot gun for self defense. No one wants to hear that but it is what it is... Just about any 12g bird shot will make hamburger out of a chest inside of 20ft.

Now if your good under pressure and and REALLY wanna see a head explode like a melon and repaint the walls in brain matter, use a 1oz slug or one of the expensive "defense" rounds like a Winchester PDX 1 but be prepared to go to prison for manslaughter when it penetrates a half dozen walls and kills the neighbor or his neighbor. I don't know if the defense rounds are frangible but the 1oz standard slugs are hard to stop.

Slugs are absolutely DEVASTATING. I've done testing on a combination of different medias including sheet rock and car doors. Basically you can shoot a 1oz slug through sheet rock and siding of your house and still penetrate a solid car door. They're nasty..

So, if you live in an apartment or other close quarter housing and let a slug pop in the house, you're asking for a situation where you could be wearing a pink bandana and repeatedly spreading cheek for Tyrone Biggins in the big house.

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12 votes

"1 and 1/4oz bird shot would

"1 and 1/4oz bird shot would be sufficient in any shot gun for self defense. No one wants to hear that but it is what it is... Just about any 12g bird shot will make hamburger out of a chest inside of 20ft. "

For a perp in a t-shirt, true. Not so true for heavy clothing. At least not enough for me to stake my life on it. I haven't shot anybody in the chest so this is based on ballistics tests I've read on the internet.
I've opted for Buckshot. But I don't live in an apartment.

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Or, you could also use it for

Or, you could also use it for hunting.....instead of killing humans.

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