Pocket Constitution (Text from the U.S. Bicentennial Commission Edition) - $1.00 FSSS (Prime)

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Pocket Edition of the original Constitution of the United States (with Index), and Declaration of Independence.
The text is from one produced by the U.S. Bicentennial Commission and was proofed word for word against the original Constitution housed in the Archives in Washington, D.C. -- identical in spelling, capitalization and punctuation. This special edition is sized in accordance with one produced by President Thomas Jefferson and includes remarkable quotes from our nation's Founders.
The power under the Constitution will always be in the people. -- George Washington
The National Center for Constitutional Studies...is doing a fine public service in educating Americans about the principles of the Constitution. --Ronald Reagan, President of the United States
Published by the National Center for Constitutional Studies, a nonprofit educational foundation dedicated to restoring Constitutional principles in the tradition of America's Founding Fathers.
ASIN#: 0880801441

California Legal! See comments for California purchases...

CT, Ordering this product may put you on the banned assault book list if you did not submit your request for this document before 31DEC13!

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Great Book. Everyone should

Great Book. Everyone should get one. $1.00 add on to your amazon order . bought some for gifts also.

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Buy it here and they'll send

Buy it here and they'll send a copy to Obama as well.


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get it for free here: scroll

get it for free here:
scroll to bottom

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jjmIII_Ruger's picture

Yes, but it will cost you

Yes, but it will cost you three stamps. One to get it there, and two on the return envelope.

"Send a self-addressed stamped (70 cents) envelope to:"

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some might not want or need

some might not want or need anything worth $35 from amazon to get the free shipping for the item.

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Festivuspole's picture

great deference to keep on

great deference to keep on hand, our family can sit down to watch some cop show or history show ad questions do come up and prize goes to first person to find a statement on the TV that matches or is opposite and illegal

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Superman1959's picture

I like the "Citizen's Rule

I like the "Citizen's Rule Book" much better. Although it is interlaced with religion's role in the founding of the country, there is much useful information in it. It has the constitution and information about jury nullification, which the present legal system (judges) are ignoring to inform juries about. Everyone should know about this.

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melaflander34's picture

Hey, that is a great point. I

Hey, that is a great point. I keep one of those in my nightstand. I bought this though and put it in my body armor kit for deployment. I figured if they are going to try and take me out, let the constitution be at my side!

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Superman1959's picture

I just ordered 20 copies from

I just ordered 20 copies from Infowars for $26 including shipping. Seems to be the best delivered price around.

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NewMexican's picture

As a Constitution carrying

As a Constitution carrying Liberterian, I would implore everyone to visit the Cato Institute and purchase your pocket Constitution there. They are the real champions of Liberty. They have a 10 for $10 package so please make sure you pass them out!

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1 vote

Yes, please everyone, support

Yes, please everyone, support the Koch brothers.

2 votes
2 votes
Superman1959's picture

The shipping is quite

The shipping is quite reasonable too, if you buy some quantity. 10- 20 copies shipped to my house $25.50....$5.50 for shipping. $7.00 shipping for 30 copies.

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These should be given out

These should be given out free to every single student in America

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They are....in their text

They are....in their text books.

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2 votes
mostholycerebus's picture

$450 for a CCW license, or $1

$450 for a CCW license, or $1 for a pocket constitution. No contest. I got my CCW permit RIGHT HERE officer!!!1!!

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California legal!!! Are you

California legal!!! Are you sure

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BRD@66's picture

No, I don't think that the

No, I don't think that the Constitution is legal in CA.

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melaflander34's picture

You have to buy the copy with

You have to buy the copy with the picture in black and white (i.e. Ghost edition) and no sentence may have more than 10 words unless declared an appositive, then it must have a CLEO signature for approval reading. Also, this is not on the approved DOJ list, but if we send you 80% of the document, you can have it sent to your door. Lastly, you may only carry this document if you have a permit and gone through the constitution safety course.

This is all for the safety of our children of course. You care about the kids right?

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mostholycerebus's picture

The CA-Approved version is

The CA-Approved version is legal, they just re-label it as "Toilet Paper".

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