Preorder - Tavor SAR-B16 5.56 NATO Flattop 16.5" Bull-Pup FDE - $1909.99

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The Tavor Assault Rifle is lightweight, compact and ergonomically designed to become a natural component of the soldier. The Tavor is the most modern weapon technologically wise, based on a complete and manipulative platform which highly increases the performance capabilities of the soldier. Among its advantages, its bull pup configuration- the rear center of gravity enables a rapid acquisition of the target and provides the ability to fire the weapon with one hand. The weapon is ambidextrous and can be easily adapted to right or left handed shooters. The weapon has an ergonomic structure and is made of composite material; therefore, it is very light. The Tavor Assault rifle was developed in close collaboration with Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The Tavor has been chosen the weapon of service in the IDF infantry troops and Special Forces as well in many countries around the world. The constant use of IWI’s weapons enables the company to design its products accordingly, optimizing its features to face the modern way of combat. The Tavor is state of the art modern design weapon which includes modular picatinny rails. “Flattop” rails for multiple single line accessories and devices are also available. The Tavor Assault Rifle is a complete platform that comprises optical devices and other accessories, thus distinguishing itself as the ultimate weapon of the XXI century.

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 223/5.56
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There will also be a 9mm

There will also be a 9mm conversion kit that you can purchase. Lending even further to this weapon's WOW factor.

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Wow! When did this gun become

Wow! When did this gun become legal in the states?

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JJDONNET's picture

Since the barrel is 16" or

Since the barrel is 16" or more and the overall length 26" or more....
Sweet weapon, tried the FAMAS back ... oh... gee... that long ago?... anyway, great compact weapon yet very accurate, this one is supposed to be even better.

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