Smith & Wesson® Introduces New SD9 VE™ and SD40 VE™ Pistols

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Smith & Wesson® Introduces New SD9 VE™ and SD40 VE™ Pistols
New Self Defense Handguns Offer High-Grade Features at Affordable Price Point

Smith & Wesson Corp. today announced two new handgun models designed to assist with personal protection and home defense needs. The new SD9 VE™ and SD40 VE™ semi-automatic pistols, chambered in 9mm and .40 S&W, combine value with enhanced features to deliver top-grade performance in a reliable option for home and personal protection.

The design of the new SD9 VE and SD40 VE pistols incorporates the best features of the Smith & Wesson SD and Sigma models and evolves them into a new generation of pistol that delivers on function and price.

The foundation of the SD VE is the lightweight polymer frame, designed for both comfort and durability. The Self Defense Trigger (SDT™) provides a smooth, consistent trigger pull, enhancing both accuracy and user confidence. The accompanying stainless steel slide features aggressive front and rear slide serrations for improved handling and is fitted with white-dot front and rear sights.

For optimal comfort and control, the SD VE features an 18° natural point of aim, an ergonomic grip, aggressive front and back strap texturing and textured finger locators placed directly above the trigger guard on both sides.
The SD VE also features a universal Picatinny-style equipment rail for optional accessories.

The SD9 VE is available in 16+1 or 10+1 magazine capacity while the SD40 VE comes standard in 14+1 or 10+1. Both models have an unloaded weight of 22.7 ounces and a slim profile of 1.29 inches. The 4-inch barrel and overall length of 7.2 inches, makes the SD VE fully compatible for personal protection or home defense measures.

The SD VE has a suggested retail of $379, comes standard with two magazines and Smith & Wesson’s lifetime service policy.

For more information on the SD VE pistol, including complete specifications please visit our web site at or visit your local dealer.

We hope you enjoy the new Smith & Wesson SD VE™.

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Your other choice would be

Your other choice would be the Ruger P95, the official cadet pistol (and one that most women can rack), for $300... I just hope this is more concealable than the P95 tank.

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A little odd, but S&W has

A little odd, but S&W has always been known for model proliferation. Look at all the J frame revolver permutations, for example.

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Now that I've read a bit more

Now that I've read a bit more it makes plenty of sense... the original SD was priced too high so they took off the melonite finish and the front night sight, added the "value enhanced" tag, and voila, a reboot for the series at a much more attractive price point.

Still, at only $10 higher than the Sigma you've gotta wonder what they'll do with the ol' SW(9/40)VE.

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The trigger pull is 8 pounds,

The trigger pull is 8 pounds, according to the S&W site. It also looks like it would have to be shorter. I wonder what the reset would be like?

Basically, they could have a real winner here if the trigger is not horrible. Talk is that one can put an Apex trigger kit in it and make it a $400 Glock after the work. There is a market for such a thing, as $550 is out of many peoples' price range, but they would opt for a $330 gun, then upgrade the trigger later.

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There is a guy on eBay that

There is a guy on eBay that sells a custom made spring for the SW versions... I picked one up and was very happy with it.

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Seems like an odd move to me.

Seems like an odd move to me. Maybe they've moved on from their Sigma and old SD lines (are they still in production?) and they're promoting this as their new minimalist handgun, perhaps?

Suppose we'll have to wait and see if the 9 and 40 are interchangeable like the M&P series or not (like the Sigma/SD series).

I do like the "standard" and "low" capacity language, though - great job, S&W! A standard mag is not "high" capacity.

Also, the front sight isn't a night sight, unlike the old SD model. Strange.

EDIT: Old SD series is gone from their site so this is probably just a replacement/update. Wonder how it'll turn out.

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What was bad with the

What was bad with the original and what's improved on this new one? maybe this one will have the same quality trigger as the new M&P shield. If so, i'm getting one of these.

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Just a double-action trigger

Just a double-action trigger with a different trigger weight than the Sigma had. Not like the M&P.

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