TNW Aero Survival Rifle 9mm, .40 S&W or .45 ACP - $574.99

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The TNW Firearms Aero Survival Rifle (ASR) is engineered to break down easily without the use of tools. This unique configuration allows for easy barrel removal and caliber changes. This rifle is an essential piece of equipment for back-packing, boating, camping, back country flying, mountain biking, or hunting.

• Adjustable Buttstock
• Includes (1) 4x30 NcStar Scope and Mount Rings

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$675 Not worth it any

$675 Not worth it any more...I was considering this but now the price is $675(it was $575) for 9mm/.45 maybe once the panic buying stops the price will drop.

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Received the .45 cal back in

Received the .45 cal back in January. No fancy packaging, Centerfire Systems provided a generic high capacity mag which required some sanding to work properly. Glock mags also fit a little snug. Out of the box with no adjustments to the scope at 25 yds using an NRA 25yd pistol target had a 2" spread at 6 o'clock to the 7 and 8 rings, holding everything centered. Raise up slightly and all where in the blue. Several rounds even went though the same holes. Only issue, had an ejection problem. Tighten up the bolts holding the lower in position, problem solved. Fed several hundred rounds through and no other issues. Order the conversion kits for 9mm and .40 cal.recently. Unfortunately, there is little information available about the firearm out there. To convert between 9mm and 40 cal. you only need mags and a barrel kit. From or to .45 cal you need barrels plus another lower. Added fore grip, cheek rest and roil pad from ATI. Planning on changing the scope to a red dot. The gun is very simple, basic and has function well.

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This LOOKS cool, but

This LOOKS cool, but .....still wondering about magazine and other issues I heard about. I am very interested in something like this. Would of like to get Kel-tec sub2k but prices are really crazy(especially in CA). So I hope this rifle passes mustard

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It looks like a JR carbine

It looks like a JR carbine had an affair with Rupaul. TNW has pretty good customer service, but their products lack a certain sophistication.

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just bought the asr 9mm from

just bought the asr 9mm from centerfire..what a dissapointment...guess you get what you pay for

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korean mag poor fit their

korean mag poor fit their video even says not to use..centerfire wont do anything ..jams every other round overall just a piece of crap.. bolt sticks also

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What was disappointing? I

What was disappointing? I ordered one as well before seeing your post...please help us understand if we should cancel our orders as there is so little info out there for this one.

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What was dissapointing about

What was dissapointing about it? I just ordered one. If it is really bad I'm cancelling it

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Was it pink? Just kidding

Was it pink? Just kidding

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