Toolcraft Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) complete from - $79.95


Toolcraft BCG is 100% Made in the USA & Lifetime Warranty!
Toolcraft BCG, a fully HP and MPI tested bolt carrier group. Manufactured with a 158 Carpenter Steel Bolt with 8620 Steel Carrier so you know you’re getting the best bolt carrier group available. Monmouth is proud to team up with Toolcraft to provide an excellent, complete M16 Full-Auto Bolt Carrier Group in your choice of coating, at an affordable price. Toolcraft is a major OEM manufacturer for the U.S. Military and many large rifle companies. Forgo the fancy logo at a $40 premium, and have confidence it’s 100% made in the USA (North Carolina). What’s more? Toolcraft has your back with their “no questions asked” Lifetime Warranty. Get on the boat!

Carrier Specifications

Material: 8620 Steel
Type: M16 Full Auto (Preferred for most AR-15 builds)
Gas Key Material: 4130 Steel; Grade 8 Gas Key Screws
Chrome lined gas key and carrier
Coating: Black Nitride -or- Nickel Boron

Bolt Specifications

Bolt Material: 158 Carpenter Steel
Extractor Material: D2 Tool Steel
Mil-Spec O-Ring
Mil-Spec Gas Rings (3)
Cam Pin Material: 8620 Steel
Firing Pin Material: 416 Stainless Steel

Lifetime Warranty – Toolcraft BCG carry a lifetime, no questions asked, warranty. Simply put… Should any Toolcraft product fail, return it to them for a brand new replacement.

Category: Gun Parts
Caliber: Bolt Carriers
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Excellent deal, quality as

Excellent deal, quality as described parts, fast shipping and been very happy with my purchases from this company.

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Are these bolts marked C158?

Are these bolts marked C158?

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There's are definitely

There's are definitely toolcraft (see link below) but you are correct about them not being c158. They have the 9310 version (I didn't realize toolcraft made both)

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Apoc armory has the black

Apoc armory has the black nitride version for $79.95 and free shipping with coupon code "APOCBCG".

They ship super fast too!

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Monmouth Reloading's picture

Their bolt is not Carpenter

Their bolt is not Carpenter 158 and unstated manufacturer.

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I paid $93 for this on Black

I paid $93 for this on Black Friday. Now, it's $80. What??! What happened?? Why do I pay more on Black Friday when you're supposed to have the cheapest prices of the year? I feel like I got ripped off. I won't be buying from you guys again.. sorry.

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6 votes

PSA has its premium BCG+Ch

PSA has its premium BCG+Ch for $89.99 plus $9 shipping, or freedom BCG+CH for $84.99+9. This costs $88 with shipping. So for $7 you are getting reliable PSA quality plus charging handle. no point in getting this.

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Monmouth Reloading's picture

Shipping is $5.60, not $8.

Shipping is $5.60, not $8. The PSA carrier is phosphate, which is cheaper to produce. Depends what you're looking for. $86 shipped for a toolcraft black nitride BCG. If you can find it cheaper, we'll beat it.

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Monmouth is a great company!

Monmouth is a great company! Great price on reloading materials as well.

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Are these ToolCraft bolt

Are these ToolCraft bolt carriers QPQ Nitride?
Basically is the finish a matte black or a smooth polished black finish?

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I stand corrected. Indeed I

I stand corrected. Indeed I didn't notice that the PSA is prosphate. Great deal.

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Its a great deal, but

Its a great deal, but misleading, the ad is anyways. States Black Nitride -or- NiB. No fine print for the variation in prices.

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Nickel Boron option is

Nickel Boron option is $117.95

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Corpsie's picture

I have the nitride version

I have the nitride version and holy s*** is it buttery smooth. It'll make all other BCG's in this price range feel like they're covered in sandpaper. I originally bought it because I just needed a carrier and liked the no questions asked warranty. Now I wish I had known about Toolcraft before buying any other BCG :(

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