VZ2008 Sporter 7.62x39 Folding Stock & Milled receiver, by CAI - $399.95

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CAI VZ2008 Sporter AK Style Rifle, 7.62x39, with Side Folding Stock, Milled Receiver.
The VZ-2008 Sporter semi auto rifle chambered for 7.62x39. Features a milled receiver, folding stock, composite pistol grip and forearm, and a slant cut muzzle brake. It has many innovative features that distinguish it from a standard Kalishnikov, such as non-rotating bolt, short stroke gas piston, and different hammer system. Comes with one 30rd magazine (does not use AK mags). This firearm was assembled by Century Arms International using both new US made parts and original used surplus parts. May or may not include cleaning rod.
*These rifles will not take standard AK magazines* You can add extra mags at only $19.95 each below.

Category: Rifles
Caliber: 7.62x39mm
Brand: Century International Arms Inc.
UPC: 787450048652
MPN: RI1554X
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Purchased from Aim Surplus.

Purchased from Aim Surplus. Great transaction, Aim makes it easy to purchase from them. The gun is mechanically sound and shoots very well, the only issue is cosmetics. The receiver cover looks like 10 miles of bad road or road rash. Not sure what happened to the cover or how it received the damage but it's ugly, You would think someone at CAI would have noticed the damage and replaced the cover, the damage does not effect how the gun operates or shoots. Overall it's a good gun for the money.

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las vegas eagle's picture

Well I should say a couple of

Well I should say a couple of small issues but I'm dealing with century with thoughs

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las vegas eagle's picture

I bought from j&g and didn't

I bought from j&g and didn't have one issue except not having a tracking number to work with
I will buy from them again.

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Dont buy from j&g, you've

Dont buy from j&g, you've been warned.

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1 vote

I have been following these

I have been following these for a while. Have not bought them.
I would like to see the following price points:

Vepr AK $500
Saiga AK $350
VZ 2008 $350 and mags at 15$ each
PPS-43C $250
Mosin M91 -- 80

at the above price, any of the above would be an good investment, in my view that will not drop much below.

I also agree that technical design of VZ 2008 is better than AK. It is lighter, just as reliable and more accurate for follow ups.
So from purely functional perspective I would put it even above Veprs.
Veprs on the other hand, especially with non-integrate sigts are more compatible with AK ecosystem of parts.

I do not think the VZ has optics mounting system, Veprs do.
I also think that VZ is a better is the same or slightly better than serbian O-PAP for 529 (because, I believe the VZs receivers are imported with double stack opening, while O-PAPs (and this may be wrong)-- are not).

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Only voted down because IMO,

Only voted down because IMO, the VZ is a better platform than any AK. I love mine.

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las vegas eagle's picture

I bought one of these vz2008

I bought one of these vz2008 ... picked it up about a week ago ... just a couple of some issues..one being the button for the stock release sticks but I fixed that
on the bottom of one of the mags a small aluminum lip which attaches to the rib broke off...
the mag pouch being brand new leather not happy .. wanted it to be used
now for the good side over all this rifle looks and feels great... took it to the range and I had a couple of feed issues but after shooting a couple of hundred rounds to break it in... all feed issues went away.
very accurate with the sights on it now... probably change out the hand guard so I can put a sight on it... this was my first time buying from j&g and I will be buying from them again once I get back my c&r license in the mail... and im still waiting on century to call me back about the mag issue...
overall this was a great buy and im glad I did. with five mags don't have to worry about finding more for now so good to go.. and I cant wait to put another 150 rounds in my five mags and tear something else up

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Las vegas eagle, you may not

Las vegas eagle, you may not want to assume that all your feed issues have gone away until you try to run hollow point or soft point ammo through your VZ2008. Unlike the (much higher quality) Vz 58 made by CSA, my experience has been that an unmodified Century-build VZ2008 exhibits major FTF and FTE errors with any ammo other than FMJ.

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If u want a used mag pouch,

If u want a used mag pouch, we can trade :-) I guess the J&G came with the same mags, pouch and bayo as the $500+ s&h from AIM...

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By the way, my moldy/spotty

By the way, my moldy/spotty mag pouch cleaned up really nice; some rubbing and oiling and it has that weathered look, but nnow consistent...

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This is a really good deal.

This is a really good deal. Cheaper than an AK and imo, a much better rifle.

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1 vote

are we going to see these any

are we going to see these any cheaper? i've seen a few 399 deals with one mag, and 499 deals with lots of mags and accessories.... this and the PPS43 are the two guns that if they hit the right price point I'm going to buy, but at AK prices, im not sure....

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At what price point would you

At what price point would you buy one? The lowest I have ever seen them on this site was $359 also from J&G. It sucks that mags are not interchangeable with AKs, but that is what makes this rifle so unique and why I want one too :)

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thanks for the info... for

thanks for the info... for this i was thinking 350, i dont know the history of this gun and dont want to buy it at "still inflated" prices. thats kind of what im getting at, i'd buy it at 399 if thats the best i'm gonna see. i have enough AK's so i'm looking at unique variants now... sounds like you and i are on the same page. have a good rest of the thanksgiving!

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It's not an ak, period. It's

It's not an ak, period. It's 100% better.

It's all milled not stamped, but still lighter than an ak
it has a better gas system so it's more accurate
It's got a bolt hold open.

Mags are not stupid high.

As with all comblock guns the czech = the best version.

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check out this link for a

More to my liking is the

More to my liking is the following review from The Truth About Guns which compares the Czechpoint Vz 58 to the VZ2008:

"The CAI [Century] Vz. 2008 may look like a good deal at first glance, but when you start comparing features, the CSA [Czechpoint/D-Techniks] model comes out on top by a long shot"


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If you read the review, he

If you read the review, he admits that the Century that he has is an early 2008 model. I'm assuming that you don't own or have ever fired one so you have to go on what others tell you. If you do however read reviews on newer models you will find thatbit gets very good reviews. Just do a google search and find posts on gun forums, other reviews, etc. and you will find that they are mostly positive. Try one for yourself, you will like it and at this price point if for some reason you don't you won't have any problem getting your money back out of it.

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1 vote

Gosguido, you are much better

Gosguido, you are much better at shill posting for AIM than you are at making assumptions. I am quite familiar with BOTH the (high quality) Czechpoint Vz 58 AND the and VZ2008 made by the "drunken monkeys at Century." Moreover, based on my hands on comparison I agree with Joe Grine's conclusion the "the CAI [Century] Vz. 2008 may look like a good deal at first glance, but when you start comparing features, the CSA [Czechpoint/D-Techniks] model comes out on top by a long shot."

As for your convenient claim that a purchaser "won't have any problem getting [his] money back out of it" if it turns out that he doesn't like his Century-built VZ2008, just how easy would it be to get his money back if the purchaser doesn't like his new VZ2008 because it suffers FTF and FTE errors, especially with hollow point, soft point, and reloaded ammo?

2 votes
1 vote

Nice try, I bought mine from

Nice try, I bought mine from Centerfire Systems when they had them for $399 but it only came with one mag. I don't think that I've ever bought from AIM because generally their shipping prices are too high for my liking. However, the AIM deal isn't bad since it comes with mags, pouch and a bayonet that will never get used. This deal with J&G appears to be the same as the Centerfire one but I can't vouch for J&G.

My issue is with your assertion that it's a bad rifle. There's at least a half dozen of them in my circle of friends and my own. The only problem has been one bad magazine of mine, the feed lips are worn from use. They all eat whatever ammo thrown at them. Except from that review that you posted, I have yet to read any other review or any feedback from any other actual owners that was negative. There is a lot of crap out there on various forums from those who have never owned one because of the reputation that Century has with some AK builds. But those people don't have any actual experience with this rifle. I'm staring to wonder if you're not that guy that did the review and are posting under an alias. You seem to quote him quite a bit and sometimes both post on the same threads.

Either way, respond if you like, I won't be back to read it so blow as much hot air out into space as you choose.

For those that actually read the comments and are thinking of purchasing a VZ, I encourage you to find several reviews before tou purchase. The google vz58 and check out some posts on different forums. Ignore those from people 'who knew a guy' or 'heard somewhere' and read what people that actually own them have to say. Good day.

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Gosguidgo wrote: "My issue is

Gosguidgo wrote: "My issue is with your assertion that it's a bad rifle."

Gosguidgo, you have misrepresented my position. I believe the Vz 58 to be an excellent rifle. Nevertheless, for many of the some reasons that were outlined in the review that I referenced, and after one too many bad experiences with Century (as well as with AIM), I completely avoid Century-builds and purchase firearms only from reputable retailers who stand behind their merchandise.

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