Gunsmith Special - YUGOM57 Yugo/Zastava M57 (7.62x25) Pistol $99.00 Plus Shipping - $99 + S/H

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Last of the M57 pistols they are being sold in as is condition. NO RETURNS! They may or may not work. The serial numbers do not match. These are gunsmith specials or parts guns. They do have some rust on the frames and barrels!

Category: Handguns
Caliber: 7.62x25mm
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Damn.. been wanting one of

Damn.. been wanting one of these for awhile, wish I was around before they went OOS.

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I've been planning on getting

I've been planning on getting one of these for awhile now.. great guns. All of the surplus ammo has dried up though, so I just couldn't afford to shoot it.
As soon as I can afford it I still plan on getting one though - even with higher ammo cost.

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Great gun based on john moses

Great gun based on john moses brownung 1911,,,,still used in many places around the world number one in pakistan ,the tokarev tt is a workhorse

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Some of the pictures show a

Some of the pictures show a holster and cleaning rod, which aren't part of the deal any more.

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I love mine & found it to be

I love mine & found it to be in near-perfect condition. It is very familiar in the way it field strips- much like a Browning 1911. It's too bad the ammo is so pricey. I believe 7.62x25 is still in use for submachineguns so I'm not sure why it isn't imported much.

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Bought 2 of these from

Bought 2 of these from Wideners and it was a blast to dual wield. Was is the operative word since the ammo is so expensive. The nicest one is now a safe queen and the other is truck gun. It shoots through trucks.

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In Bosna ammo is almost for

In Bosna ammo is almost for free.

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i need free shipping and i'm

i need free shipping and i'm sold

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