Zastava M57 7.62x25 Tokarev Pistol New Production - $229.95

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New production Yugoslavian Zastava Arms M57 7.62x25 caliber Semi-automatic (Tokarev) Pistols. The M57 is a single action semiautomatic weapon with a safe locking and trigger mechanism. The M57 functions on the principle of a free recoil of slide. The pistol is loaded with features including a detachable magazine, which is safely connected with the magazine well. All the Metal parts are made of high quality alloy steel, and handgrips are made of of a High strength polymer. Includes 2-9rd Magazines.

Category: Handguns
Caliber: 7.62x25mm
UPC: 787450222588
MPN: HG3087N
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3801 Lefferson Rd, Middletown, OH 45044
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Great shooting gun Ammo is

Great shooting gun
Ammo is becoming readily available again. It costs about the same to shoot as a .40 (Excluding surplus) There is currently JHP ammo available $0.52/rd If you want a cheap home defense gun
A bit loud to shoot
Some people don't like the grips, but there is options out there. Custom grips, Pachmayr slip on sleeves etc...
Powerful round especially the hotter mil surplus stuff
A must have if your in the market for a sub $250

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The only thing the M57 really

The only thing the M57 really needs is after market modern sights and grip options. Zastava supposedly is in the process of producing a SA/DA double stack (20 round) with a polymer frame in 7.62x25 (model PPZ). Hope someone imports that model if the rumor is true.

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You know what would make

You know what would make these awesome?
If they could accept a slide from a regular M57. If they could, then we would have one awesome M57 replica on our hands. Why?
Because then you'd have a like new gun with no safety, just like the original.

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The old slide should fit

The old slide should fit right on. But why would you want to? The Zastava slide safety is great. It totally immobilizes the firing pin and blocks it. You can safely carry this ready to fire and just flip the safety when you draw.

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Interesting. They are OOS by

Interesting. They are OOS by the way.

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Out of style? Really? This

Out of style? Really?
This things are just as cool as they've always been: and that's really cool :D

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Thanks but I have an original

Thanks but I have an original I can't get ammo for. Sorry, just venting.

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I have one. The ammo is out

I have one. The ammo is out there just have to look for it. Not as cheap as it use to be. $20 + shipping online 50 rds, but found some at a LGS for the same price minus shipping last week.

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Seen a ton of ammo at

Seen a ton of ammo at Cabela's in Fort Worth today I would say there was at least 2,000 rounds just on the shelf just for this gun.

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ezveedub's picture

You have to just wait for

You have to just wait for ammo. I ended up finding ammo at local gun shows and my buddy had some surplus stuff. The Sellier Bellott is pretty good. Just keep eye out for it.

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