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In response to customer requests, ZT is proud to introduce the new 0350. It’s slightly smaller and slightly lighter than the 0300—10% to be precise—but just as aggressive. The 0350 is fully equipped with SpeedSafe® for one-handed assisted opening. Even in combat gloves, you can easily deploy the blade using the large, ambidextrous thumb stud or blade protrusion. The blade is S30V stainless steel with Tungsten DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating. S30V provides extreme durability, while the black Tungsten DLC is non-reflective, enhances hardness, and reduces friction drag. Textured, matte-black G-10 scales provide a secure grip. Includes a quad mounting system for tip-up, tip-down, left- or right-handed clip carry.
Item model number: ZT0350

Category: Knives
UPC: 087171003504
MPN: 0350
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New as in 38 months ago? "ZT

New as in 38 months ago? "ZT is proud to introduce the new 0350" Some post are dated 7-30-2013

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before you spend the $ on the

before you spend the $ on the zero tolerance check out the plain blade myerco maxx that is a close, very high quality copy for $35 also at amazon
I have both and carry the myerco maxx every day...

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This is a solid knife at a

This is a solid knife at a solid price. S30V is a quality steel -- not M390 or Elmax, but still very good -- and ZT makes a good product. I have some of their Hinderer 0560-series knives (Elmax, S110V), and they're a great knife for the money. This is on their lower-end, but I've switched to it for my EDC -- at least for now.

$106 is a steal.

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I agree on the price. I have

I agree on the price. I have the serrated version and just paid $113 a few weeks ago at a local gun store. The assisted opening is fast and SOLID.
The blade was dull out of the box. Not going to return it for that reason but still stinks.
The pocket clip was not in the position I liked so I switched it. Not a big deal (#6 Torx bit) but man, is that thing ever tight! I cannot slide it over my pocket at all. Need to take it off, get it in the vise and bend it out a little before reinstalling it.

This is a big, heavy knife. As someone who has been EDC'ing a knife since 9th grade, it is on the top end of the size/weight scale that I would EDC (I'm in Phoenix so mostly am in shorts). If I was in colder weather all the time (in jeans) I would EDC all the time.

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Yeah, none of my ZT's are

Yeah, none of my ZT's are exactly what I would call EDC-friendly. I really like the 0560, and carry it only when I'm in the mood. The 0350 is about the biggest knife I would consider for an EDC, and I doubt most people would even go this big. I have a Blur in Sandvik that is much more friendly (the OD, black blade that's been posted here frequently).

I'm just getting into Spydercos, and have a few that are fun EDC knives, including a couple DF2 in ZDP-189. I have a couple BM in M390 as well, but like the ZT they're bigguns'.

This 0350 though, it's right in that sweet-spot for price / performance. I prefer a natural blade color, but black is growing on me. For $106, with free Prime shipping, this is the perfect blade for anyone wanting to get into better knives, without spending a small fortune to get there.

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jtrunzo1's picture

I edc my zt0300 every day.

I edc my zt0300 every day. This things is tiny compared to it! Great knife at a great price

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Yeah, it's a great knife at a

Yeah, it's a great knife at a (relatively) cheap price. I'm gravitating more toward "slicers" -- which ZT doesn't really do well. The 0300 / 0350 are definitely *not* slicers, but if you like a big, beefy "tactical" blade there is no better mass-produced manufacturer out there for them, IMHO.

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