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Remington 81027 Versa Max Sportsman 3+1 3.5" 12ga 26"

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Price: $849.96

Remington ARMS CO GunS 81027 VERSA Max SPST 12 26 PB RTAP - $849.96 ($5.99 S/H on firearms) "Remington Arms Firearms 81027 Versa Max Semi-Automatic 12 Gauge ga 26"" Syn The Remington Versa Max Sportsman 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun comes in a Mossy Oak Duck Blind, Real Tree All Purpose, Turkey Camo Mossy Oak Obsession or black and is great for hunting. The shotgun features the self-cleaning VersaPort gas system and a 22"", 26"" or 28"" barrel that's compatible with both 2.75"" target loads and 3.5"" magnums. Synthetic stock and forend.
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Price: $879.99
@Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore

REMINGTON ARMS VERSA MAX SPORTSMAN 12GA APG CAMO- $879.99 + FREE shipping (Free S/H on Firearms) When Remington introduced the VERSA MAX shotgun in 2010, they shattered convention and all previous benchmarks for reliability and performance with an autoloading action unlike any that came before it. Today, they’re shattering the perception of what a shotgun should be....again.
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@Sportsmans Outdoor Superstore

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