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Speer 9mm 124 Grain Gold Dot Hollow Point

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$18.89-$4.99 Long Guns, $9.99 Handguns, Accessories/Ammo Free w/coupon
$19.99-Free in-store Pickup
$20.93-$38 S/H on Firearms
$23.05-$0 - $39 on Firearms
$24.95-Free over $90 except Handguns
$27.99-Free over $99, Firearms $15
$18.99-Most Firearms ship for FREE
$19.04- Additional
$19.42-$7.99 on Firearms, $12.99 on Unlimited Ammo Additional on accessories
$19.79$20.58 (4%)
$19.98-$14.95 for guns, $8.95 for accessories
$20.00-Firearms FREE, Acc/Ammo FREE with $199 Min Order
$20.12-Free S/H over $199
$20.20-Free S/H on Firearms
$20.56-Free S/H on Firearms
$20.85-$10 or Less
$20.99-Firearms and Ammo, $10.95, Other $7.95
$21.70-Firearms FREE, Other $7.95 Flat Rate
$21.99-$10 Flat Rate Shipping
$22.50$23.18 (3%)$16.95 on firearms, $10.99 Flat on everything else
$24.59$25.33 (3%)$16.95 on firearms, $10.99 Flat on everything else
$24.27-Flat Rate $8.99
$28.95-$29.99 on Firearms, $11.99 on accessories
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Price: $151.04
Price per round: $0.604
@Sportsman's Guide

Speer LE Gold Dot HST 9mm 115 Grain HP Ammo 250 rounds - $151.04 (Free S/H No Minimum w/code "BRSH1702") Speer® LE Gold Dot® HST® 9mm 115 Grain HP Ammo. Made in the USA and designed to deliver consistent expansion and optimum penetration. Nickel-plated brass case Boxer primed Reloadable Non-corrosive 115 Grain Hollow Point Muzzle velocity: 1,210 F.P.S. Muzzle energy: 374 ft. lbs. 50 rds. per box, 1,000 rds. per case. Item # WX2-283556
3 votes
3 votes
@Sportsman's Guide

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Price: $416.20
Price per round: $0.416

CCI/Speer Gold Dot 9mm Luger 124gr GDHP (1000 Rnd)- $416.20 I will often see this for $18 a box for 25 rounds locally. This is a great deal if you want a case. shipping will vary depending on where you live
2 votes
3 votes

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Price: $29.95
Price per round: $0.598

50 round box - 9mm +P Speer Gold Dot 124 Grain LE Hollow Point Ammo - 53617 - $29.95 50 rounds per box, 20 boxes per case 9mm Speer Gold Dot 124 +P Hollow Point made for law enforcement use SKU#: 53617 QUANTITY PRICING 20 or more $28.95 SKU: 53617 Speer 9mm / 9x19
2 votes
0 votes

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Price: $27.99
Price per round: $1.395
@Gander Mountain

Speer Gold Dot 9mm 124-Gr. GDHP 20 Rnds - $27.99 (Free S/H over $50) Speer Gold Dot Ammo, Model 23618, 9mm Luger Caliber. When only the best will do for concealed carry, home protection, target shooting, and law enforcement, Gold Dot delivers, round after round. The first high-performance handgun ammunition to be loaded with true, bonded-core bullets to eliminate jacket separation. Each bullet caliber and weight is tuned for optimum expansion and penetration. Bullets are finished to provide a smooth profile for reliable feeding in semi-auto handguns. Accept nothing less than peak performance from your ammunition by relying on Speer Gold Dot ammo.
6 votes
2 votes
@Gander Mountain

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