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Henry H004se Silver Eagle Lever 22 S/l/lr 20" 6.75lb 16+1 Fa

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Price: $464.00
@Buds Gun Shop

Henry H004SE Silver Eagle Lever 22 S/L/LR 20" 6.75lb 16+1 Fa - $464 shipped (Free S/H on Firearms) Using original photos and hand drawings of the Gideon Welles Serial Number 9 as reference, the master plate used in the creation of the new Silver Eagle pattern was hand cut for production with full coverage on both sides of the receiver cover. The rifle features a traditional 20" octagonal barrel outfitted with buckhorn sights; a gunsmithing masterpiece that closely mirrors the original Henrys when they were patented in 1860. This rifle is lever action, holds 16 rounds and has a Fancy American Walnut Buttstock. Finish: Nickel Action: Lever Caliber: 22 Short/Long/Long Rifle
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@Buds Gun Shop

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Price: $608.00

Henry H004SE Silver Eagle 22 S/L/LR 20" 16rd- $608+25 shipping $25 shipping. Cash, check or money order only. Henry's Silver Eagle rifle is as much a work of art as it is a firearm. From the blued octagonal barrel to the high-quality American walnut buttstock, Henry paid attention to every detail. The exquisitely engraved nickel receiver and silver buttplate make this an artwork fit to be hung proudly on any wall. It features buckhorn sights and a 16-round tube magazine. From Henry's website:
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