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Hk 700040-a5 Vp40 40s (2)10r

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Price: $579.99

H&K VP40 .40 S&W 4.09" 10rd Black Carbon-Nitride - $579.99 free store pickup Due to a trigger that has a solid, single-action-type break followed by a short, positive reset, H&K's VP40 Pistol is excellent for military, law enforcement and sport shooters alike. Cold-hammer-forged barrel and carbon-nitride corrosion-resistant finish ensure long life and outstanding accuracy. Rear sight is draft adjustable for windage and combines with nonradioactive luminescent three-dot sights for fast target acquisition. High-grip saddle translates into a lower effective bore axis, meaning quicker target acquisition, less felt recoil and faster follow-up shots.
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Price: $570.00
@Anacortes Gun Shop

HECKLER & KOCH H&K VP40 40SW DA 10RD B FS - $570 Manufacturer: Heckler & Koch UPC: 642230253605 MPN: 700040A5 SKU: ZD-G700040A5 Availability: 18 In Stock - Ships from our warehouse in 3-5 days Model Series: VP40 Caliber: 40SW Action: Double Action Magazine Capacity: 10+1 Finish: Blue "Hostile Enviroment" Stock: 3 Interchangable Backstraps/ 6 Lateral Plates Sights: FT: 1-Dot RR: Low Snag 2-Dot (Luminescent)
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