Product Feedback for "Rifle/Pistol Bore Snake Gun Cleaning .22 .223 5.56 Brass Weighted Cord - $0.92 + $1 shipping"

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Amazon has become notorious for selling cheap Chinese knock-offs.

Sheiße08/07/15 02:10:26

THey are selling knock off boresnakes that are patented by Hoppe's. Should be taken off

mondo2409/16/15 09:22:07

bootleg product from chinese seller

slicknugs07/10/16 11:59:07

Anti-2nd amendment and part of the liberal media problem (i.e. Washington Post).

gatordlj10/12/16 10:52:06

did not get item

rowdy5712/05/16 08:40:01

Yopu will never get it.

greekunick01/06/17 01:05:34

"Get it as soon as Feb. 2 - 24..." Must be shipping from China. You can buy it on eBay direct from China for even less.

armyone01/11/17 10:20:26

never got the product, just the charge to my card

fransvette01/13/17 11:21:39

Never received. No response to inquiry.

tcelvis01/15/17 02:33:56

Doesn't ship items.

HuntingCrazy01/16/17 03:11:53

no deal

rog940101/21/17 12:13:22

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